Inspired by Faith
Empowered by Knowledge
United by Community
What We're About
S - Science
T - Technology
R - Religion
E - Engineering
A - Arts
M - Mathematics

Saint​ ​Raphael​ ​School​ ​commits​ ​to​ ​the​ ​following​ ​expectations:

That​ ​all​ ​students​:

  • Develop the ability to think critically, logically, analytically and ethically.
  • Apply their learning to real world experiences through debate, references to current events, visits to museums, historical sites, etc.
  • Incorporate problem solving skills into class discussions, course assessments and project-based learning experiences.
  • Engage in multi-sensory, hands-on, experiential learning.
  • Use technology.
  • Grow into lifelong learners.

That​ ​all​ ​teachers​:

  • Integrate Catholic values and beliefs into all courses.
  • Integrate technology and hands-on learning into their daily lessons.
  • Use a variety of formal and informal assessments.
  • Collaborate with the Saint Raphael School Grade Level Learning Communities to ensure both vertical and horizontal curriculum planning.
  • Follow the curriculum guidelines of the Diocese of Trenton and the New Jersey Common Core State Standards.
  • Maintain regular communication with parents/guardians through telephone calls, emails, Parent-Portal, teacher webpages, mid-trimester progress reports, trimester report cards and conferences.
  • Participate in a Professional Improvement Plan as required by the Diocese of Trenton and the State of New Jersey.